Syd and Craig from a company called Generation Science came to our class to help us to develop our understanding of science by carrying out various scientific experimemts. Our headteacher really liked Craig’s trousers and is currently looking for a pair for himself!!!!! 



Welcome To Our New Class Blog

Welcome to our P.7 class blog. We hope you will enjoy finding out about what we are doing in class and all the activities we are taking part in during the term.

Our class motto is Never say ” I can’t” say  “I’ll try “              

Never say “ I don’t know “ say “ I’ll find out “.

P.E with the Specialist Teacher is on Mondays and Music on Tuesdays .Pupils who are learning how to play the violin will get instruction in school on Monday. School choir is on Fridays. Every Wednesday Mrs. Dooner takes the class and teaches French as well as covering other areas of the curriculum. This year the main topics we will be studying are The Oil Industry , World War Two, Japan, and Space. We will also do some work connected to the Commonwealth Games.